Easily cook up this Salisbury Steak Bake on a weeknight. Don't stand over the stove, let the oven do the work for you!

Deliciously Easy Salisbury Steak Bake

I can picture it now…a virtual high five or maybe a big banging fist bump after you read this recipe! This deliciously easy Salisbury Steak BakeĀ is going to blow your socks off with a comfort food taste explosion. Plus, you are going to absolutely love how easy this delicious recipeĀ is to make. Salisbury steak is one of my childhood comfort foods. It’s that one thing my mom always made that carried over into my adult life. (The three ring circus loves it now too!)

Recently, I had a great friend of mine share, with me, the way she makes this amazing comfort food. I loved the simplicity or should I say…the not having to stand over the stove part. I’m all about being able to prep a meal then throw it in the oven and walk away. This recipe will save you time in the kitchen and the flavor will still be absolutely amazing!

Why stand over the stove when you can make this deliciously Easy Salisbury Steak Bake!

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