Free Printable Teacher Gift Tags And Gift Idea

It’s back to school time y’all! This year my kiddo starts middle school. What this means, he heads off to a new campus with new teachers and a new schedule. Don’t let me get started on how nervous this makes me. On the other hand, the kiddo is extremely excited…I think it’s the locker. Another big change this year…I’m taking a back seat as an officer on the PTO. After years of big ideas, I want to focus more on ideas straight from a parents point of view. I want to get creative and think of the little things that put smiles on the teacher’s faces. With that being said, I’ve come up with some super cute free printable teacher gift tags and a fun gift idea.

Free Printable Back to School Teacher Gift Tags and gift idea!

These free printable teacher gift tags will work great for back to school and teacher appreciation week. I got the inspiration for the gift tags from the sales bag that my gift idea came from. Have you figured out what the gift idea is yet?

Free Printable Back To School and Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags and gift idea.

I was in serious need of hand soap for all the sinks in my house. My favorite soap is Bath & Body Works foaming hand cleanser. (Shh…but the hubby loves them too!) When I entered the store, the greeter told me of some amazing sales (as they always do, which I love) so I checked them out. This particular week, Bath & Body Works had their Wallflowers on sale. 10 for $30! Oh yeah! What’s a Wallflower you ask…

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers idea on

Wallflowers are these fabulous little air fresheners that plug into the wall. They are small, unobtrusive and smell great. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should check out all the cute options to choose from. There are tons of scents to choose from as well.

So, back to my story,  as I was checking out the Wallflowers I had that “light bulb” moment. Seriously, a big flashing light bulb was going off over my head. Well, maybe just in my own mind. I thought, how cute would these Wallflowers be as teacher gifts? They look like cute flowers and smell oh so good. I immediately knew they would work out perfectly for cute sayings on gift tags. Do you remember that sale price I mentioned? When you break it down, each gift would only be $6. Who can’t use a teacher gift for only $6?! I just needed to make some bright and vibrant free printable teacher gift tags to attach and it was gold! With the sales bag as inspiration, I went to work!

Free Printable Teacher Gift Tags

Check out the pictures below to pick out which gift tags you want to use.

Free printable back to school Teacher gift tags with inexpensive gift idea!

I’m going to bloom with you as my teacher. Print here. The perfect back to school gift tag. Add this tag to the gift idea shown above or use with anything that works with the word bloom.

Free Printable Back to School Teacher Gift Tags and gift idea!

I smell a sweet new school year with you as my teacher. Print here. This gift tag works great for a boy to give to a teacher or for a male teacher as a back to school gift. You could also pair this tag with a candle or anything that gives off a sweet aroma.

Free Printable Back to School Gift Tags Bloom

Teachers who inspire help me bloom and that’s you! Print here. This gift tag works great with the Wallflower gift idea for back to school or teacher appreciation throughout the year.

Free Printable Back To School Teacher Gift Tag and gift idea!

The sweet smell of success is in the air all because of you. Print here. Perfect gift tag for the boy in the family during teacher appreciation week. Use it for this gift idea, baked goods that smell good, cologne, or perfume.

Free printable Teacher Appreciation gift tag and inexpensive gift idea!

Thank you for helping me bloom! Print here. This tag works great for any teacher appreciation gift throughout the year. You could also use this tag for flowers, potted plants, etc.

Free Printable Teacher Gift Tags

As you can see these free printable teacher gift tags can be used in the way I designed them for this particular gift idea or can be used for many other gift ideas. It’s your choice. Use only one or use them all! If you use them, I would love to hear how you use these bright and vibrant gift tags!

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Free Printable Teacher Gift Tags are perfect for Teacher Appreciation and Back to School Gift Ideas!

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  1. These are too cute Lacie! My last son graduated high school in June – so no more need for these adorable teacher gifts! Maybe one day I’ll use them for my grandkids (in the way, way future!) 🙂

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