Kid Approved Homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles

In the South we love our sweet tea! See how I take it to another level with these Homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles for an afternoon of fun in the backyard. Adults and kids alike will love you for it!

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If you love to drink an Arnold Palmer then you will love these homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles.

The neighborhood has come alive! It’s the longest day of the year. Everyone is outside and there are kids everywhere. It literally looks like a wave of kids ebbing and flowing from one house to another.

Backyard Fun this summer with homemade popsicles. Check out how to make the kids go crazy over these popsicles.

They pop in and play basketball at one house then jump on the trampoline at another, go fishing in the neighbor’s pond, and literally take control of the road.

Summertime fun with bubbles.

Basketball fun in the neighborhood.

Summertime fishing in the neighborhood.

The best part…they have stepped away from their video games and set down their phones. They are just being kids!

When this happens, as parents, we want to embrace every minute! Especially when the kiddos involve the parents. I always try and embrace the moments when the kids want to still be kids. Not to mention when they still want to tell you everything!

Summertime fun with an impromptu backyard blast and some frozen homemade popsicles.

This is when I know it’s time to have a blast in the backyard. Kids are easy! Throw some hot dogs on the grill, grab some buns, condiments, and chips and you’re all set. But I feel like I’m missing something essential here. Awe yes, I remember, it’s the frozen treats!

There is nothing better than when the neighborhood comes alive and all the kids are down for a backyard blast. It's even better when they love your homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles.

No summertime backyard blast would be complete without some frozen goodness to help you beat the heat. These Homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles are a super fun way to combine 2 great classics. Sweet tea and lemonade are the perfect winning combo. The kids will be begging for more.

Looking for a kid approved homemade popsicle Check out these super easy Arnold Palmer Popsicles. Lemonade and tea make the best combo.

Lacie’s Easy Peasy Pleasy Tips

  • Brew sweet tea ahead of time and chill in fridge for faster freeze time.
  • Use a pre-made lemonade or mix that just needs water.
  • Make sure you have plenty of room in your freezer.
  • Freeze your popsicles then store in plastic zip top bags in the freezer until needed.
  • Day of party, fill a cooler with ice to store your frozen treats until ready to serve.
  • Get as creative as you want when making these popsicles.

Kid Approved Homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles. What's not to love about this frozen lemonade and frozen tea combination.

Check out my How To Make Homemade Popsicles post for step by step pictures and instructions.

You can make these easy popsicles at home. Check out how this easy homemade popsicle recipe that will be kid approved all summer long!

You can make life even easier by popping into Sam’s and picking up some essentials. Ball Park Beef Franks and Tailgaters Buns are a must.

Swing by Sam's and pick up a huge package of Ball Park Hot dogs to keep on hand for those impromptu backyard cookouts this summer.

And don’t forget the Lipton Iced Tea….

Have you ever tried making popsicles with Lipton Iced Tea The kids love these super easy homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles!

It’s essential for Homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles.

Summertime isn't complete without these Homemade Popsicles. Check out these kid approved Arnold Palmer Popsicles. What's better than lemonade and sweet tea combined!

The kids came up with a great idea after I told them to use cups to set their popsicles down.

The kids came up with a fun idea to do with their homemade popsicles. Check out how they elevate these Arnold Palmer Popsicles.

They added sweet tea to the cups. The popsicles turned into giant Arnold Palmer ice cubes.

Check out how the kids elevate these Arnold Palmer Popsicles. Kid approved homemade popsicles!

Now for the recipe.

Y'all will go crazy over these super easy homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles. These homemade popsicles are kid approved.

Homemade Arnold Palmer Popsicles


  • 1 gallon prepared Lipton sweet tea, divided
  • 1 gallon prepared lemonade, divided
  • Paper cups, 9 ounce
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Aluminum foil
  • Fruit (optional)


Fill cups halfway using a half a gallon of sweet tea. Fill additional cups halfway using half a gallon of lemonade. Place a small piece of aluminum foil over each cup. Insert popsicle stick in the center of each cup. Freeze for 6 hours or until frozen. Carefully remove foil, leaving sticks in place. Pour remaining lemonade onto frozen sweet tea. Pour remaining sweet tea onto frozen lemonade. Freeze overnight. Carefully remove paper cups. Eat and enjoy!

No tea cups needed here. This is how we drink tea in the south!

Sweet Tea isn’t just for drinking anymore. I hope you have fun making and eating these frozen treats.

Summertime fun with frozen treats. Turn Arnold Palmer's into homemade popsicles for a fun treat.

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