Parmesan Breaded Crappie Recipe

When you catch a lot of crappie, you cook a lot of crappie. Fried crappie ranks number 1 but baked crappie is second on my list. Using up my summer veggies from the garden is a must too. This Parmesan Breaded Crappie Recipe over summer vegetables is the way to accomplish both.

Parmesan Breaded Crappie Recipe over Summer Vegetables is a delicious way to eat crappie.

Let me tell you how MS Crappie meets Arkansas in this crunchy flaky buttery dish.
{The featured recipe was sponsored by Riceland.}

It all starts with the Crappie. My husband always says it’s fishing not catching but I think he’s wrong. Catching was all in a days work this past Father’s Day weekend. I don’t mean only catching 3 or 4 fish a day. I literally mean catching 30 to 40 crappie keepers a day on Sardis Lake in MS. (Not to mention the white bass.) This is just day one.

Crappie fishing made easy with Good Times Guide Service in Mississippi. Perfect Father's Day weekend.

My guys couldn’t have caught the fish like they did without what I like to call…“The Crappie Master”. Matt from Good Times Guide Service makes Crappie fishing look easy.

Gift for dad that will last a lifetime! Father and son fishing trip with Good Times Guide Service brings home the crappie.

Gary and Garrett had the best time ever as you can see by day 2.

Crappie fishing on Sardis Lake in Mississippi with Good Times Guide Service.

Garrett wanted to measure every crappie but Matt knew the keepers. It’s his job. Let me just tell you that a keeper in Arkansas is smaller than a keeper in MS. If you’re from AR, It will hurt your heart to throw back a Crappie you would normally keep. But never fear…”The Crappie Master” is here. Matt gets up with the sunrise to make sure your day is successful.

The Crappie Master at work with the sunrise. Mississippi crappie line up to get on his boat.

This is my husband’s 3rd trip with Matt at Good Times Guide Service and he’s always brought home the crappie. Our freezer is full and everyone we know is asking…when’s the fish fry?

Fishing for crappie with Good Times Guide Service is more like catching! Checkout this amazing crappie haul.

I asked the hubby what he thought about this Father’s Day gift and he said…

Father's Day Trip of a lifetime Crappie Fishing on Sardis Lake Mississippi with Good Times Guide Service. We are cooking up some delicious crappie!

Hands down the best Father’s Day yet! That’s 13 years of father’s day gifts…so that’s saying something.

Crappie Fishing trip for dad that will have lifelong memories. Check out how we bake crappie. Frying is everything they say.

Now the crappie is caught and Matt has filleted all the fish…yes Matt cleans and fillets!

If we aren’t frying up this crappie, how do we want to cook? This Parmesan Breaded Crappie recipe over squash and zucchini is the perfect summer dish.

Looking for a non-fried fish recipe This Parmesan Breaded Crappie over Summer Vegetables recipe is super easy and delicious.

If catching lbs of crappie and relaxing in a small town sounds appealing to you, I want to share some great tips for staying in Sardis, MS.

We rented a house that’s on VRBO. It’s 3 bedrooms 2 baths and right on the way to fishing. The house is fully loaded so you can cook and grill. You can even do your laundry. I loved hanging out in the rocking chairs on the fully covered deck.

If renting a house isn’t your thing…Sardis Lake is all about some camping. There are 200 campsites perfect for tent or camper camping. Full electric and water sites.

When you get tired of cooking, hit up TriBecca Allie Cafe. You can byob to TriBecca Allie and will get award winning wood fired pizza. It’s the best I’ve ever had!

Tribecca Allie Cafe in Sardis, MS makes my favorite wood fired pizza!

Then take a few steps next door to Frog’s Pearl Station for some ice cream to cool you down or some other fabulously delicious dessert.

But if you want to see how MS crappie meets AR, you should check out this Parmesan Breaded Crappie recipe. I hooked up with my friends at Riceland to give you a gluten free crappie fish recipe and use your summer veggies from the garden. Squeeze some lemon juice or add a dash of hot sauce. It’s crappie…it’s gonna be tasty however you make it.

Click here for the Parmesan Breaded Crappie Recipe.

It's the catch of the day. See how Mississippi Crappie meets Arkansas in this flaky buttery Parmesan Breaded Crappie Over Summer Vegetables.

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