How to make cinnamon roll cookies from a cake mix.

How To Make Cookies From A Box Of Cake Mix

Have you ever been in the mood to make cookies from scratch only to realize you are missing a key ingredient? Say like flour or sugar? That’s exactly what happened to me. I was really in the mood for cookies. I walked to the pantry ready to pull out all of my ingredients and realized…I didn’t have enough flour.  I know I could ask my next door neighbor since we are always swapping ingredients (thanks Abby!). But, in this particular case I noticed I had a box of cake mix on the shelf. I got to thinking…cake mix has all the basic ingredients already. All I would need is a few more components and I would have some great cookies, or so I thought. I have tested and tested and tested again until I have the perfect recipe to make the perfect cookies from a box of cake mix.How to make cookies from a cake mix.

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