8 Rules Of Puke Club-How To Avoid The Stomach Virus

I’m knocking on wood for even writing this blog post. Praying I don’t get sick just from talking about puke club. I read somewhere on the internet one time that the stomach virus was tested on a surface for a 2 week time period and still showed up positive. After the two week period they quit testing. The stomach virus is a gnarly little bug!

If you’ve never dealt with the stomach bug then bless your hearts! But for the rest of us who have a child that’s caught the bug and it’s ran rampant through your family, this post is for you! I don’t like to use the word hate but I HATE HATE HATE the stomach bug! It’s the most awful terrible thing to deal with! Every time my kiddo would come home with the stomach bug, it was a waiting game to see when we would all get sick. Well, not anymore! I found some great ways to keep the dreaded bug at bay!

First rule of puke club…Do not kiss your child! I know that sounds harsh and I know what you’re thinking…that is part of comforting your child, but how comforting will you be if you are laying on the cold bathroom floor and hugging the porcelain throne? Wouldn’t you rather be fully able to take care of your sick kids? I’ve been the momma that has cuddled her baby who’s had the stomach bug only to throw up within the next 24 hrs. After that I was useless. JUST DON’T DO IT! Continue reading