John Deere Nursery

My sister in-law needed help with a John Deere inspired nursery so I went to work…The first item up was to find the fabric. I knew once we found the perfect John Deere fabric we could base everything else in the room around that. 

I started with the hardest, well maybe not the hardest but the most time consuming, of all the projects…the rag quilt. I have pretty basic sewing skills so I pulled out my trusty laptop and went to work researching how to make a rag quilt. Voila! Piece of cake! Rag quilt made!

John Deere rag quilt John Deere crib rag quilt

Next I took a crib bumper pad we already had and basically created a John Deere fabric slip cover.

John Deere crib bumper pad John Deere bumper pad

I used the same rag quilt technique and made valances for the windows.

John Deere valance John Deere rag quilt valance

We took an old bookcase and painted it to match our John Deere theme and I took some coordinating fabric and made a cute little curtain that was hung on a tension rod to give some hidden storage.

John Deere bookcase John Deere curtain

We had a replica milk can lamp so we decided to paint it to match the decor and recover the lampshade in some of the left over fabric. We also found an old milk can that we painted as well and made it into a trashcan. Then we simply added tractor wall decals to finish them off.

John Deere lamp John Deere trash can

I wanted a little more whimsy so I found some coordinating scrapbook paper and yard sale frames and made a cute name plate for the wall. I also took some of that scrapbook paper and mod podged the light switch plate.

John Deere inspired name frames John Deere light switch

Finally we had a friend come over and use an old style overhead projector to add a cartoonish John Deere tractor mural that came from a coloring book. Thank you Denise!

John Deere wall mural

This was a fun project! I loved learning how to make a rag quilt and then figuring out how to take that same style and turn it into valances. Its always great to hang out with family and friends and create something so unique!