Mickey Mouse Inspired Baby Shower

I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for one of my closest friends and wanted to share all of the ideas and pictures. My good friend was decorating the babies nursery with a Mickey Mouse theme so I decided to do the baby shower in Mickey Mouse as well. I thought this would be a great way for her to be able to reuse a lot of the items made and bought for the shower. Always love double duty!

Lets start with the invitation. I used my cricut to cut out a onesie, Mickey shape and half circle shape. I taped the half circle edges to the Mickey shape to form a pocket and glued on 2 small buttons. Then I downloaded a free Disney font to make the wording. Finally I slid the onesie into the Mickey pocket.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitation  Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitation Disney font

I used my cricut to cut out more onesies and lettering to make a banner and found images of Mickey hands online that I printed and hand cut to hold the banner.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower banner Cricut  Mickey Mouse Baby Shower mickey hands

My cricut got a lot of use on this project…

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Its a Boy Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Cricut

I made tissue poms and hung them from the lights and I used a curtain scarf as the backdrop.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Poms Mickey Mouse Baby Shower in the making

I found Disney plates on clearance at Target (lucky), a huge Mason jar at Hobby Lobby (hence the babies name is Mason) and a cute wooden M.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Plate Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Mason Jar

I took cloth diapers which can be used as burp clothes and rolled them up and secured with a rubber band then wrapped with a ribbon. I painted wooden letters in honor of the new bundle of joy headed our way and placed on top of each diaper set.Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Burp Cloth Mickey Mouse Baby Shower diaper decoration

I set up a table for all of the attendees to make a custom onesie. We used all different patterned fabrics, the cricut once again and iron on transfers.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Onsies

Baby Shower Onesie Iron On Rocket Baby Shower Onesie Iron On Razorbacks Baby Shower Onesie Iron On Crown Baby Shower Onesie Iron On

I so roped my mom into making the cake!!! So cute!!!

 Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Cake-001Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Cake

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Cake

What a great day and it was so much fun coming up with and creating all these ideas!

If you want to try out the Croissant Chicken Salad Sandwiches seen in the photo below click here. If you want to try out the the last cheese ball you’ll ever make you can find the recipe here.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Food Table

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