Free Spring Printable Using PicMonkey

So, I’m trying my hand at printables. I love free printables on Pinterest! I use them all the time and thought I would give it a go. Ever wonder how people make those free printables you see all over Pinterest? I found an easy solution to make a free spring printable using PicMonkey!

Free Spring Printable at

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I made up what I thought was a super cute printable. I printed it, framed it, and took pics of it for the blog. Thankfully, I looked at it everyday for a week before I did a post on it! It wasn’t awful, but I just wasn’t in love with it. I decided I would try again with a fresh approach using PicMonkey. I just love how this printable turned out and it couldn’t have been easier to make than with PicMonkey. My new favorite website ever!

Free Spring Printable Using PicMonkey Subway Art

Did you know that PicMonkey is free to use? Well, it is! There are tons of features to play around with that are completely free. There is also an inexpensive upgrade to Royale that is totally worth the price….only $33 for a year. I wondered how beneficial the Royale features would be so I signed up for the free month trial knowing I could cancel at any time. I didn’t cancel and I have never looked back!

Free Spring Printable using PicMonkey

You can use tons of graphics and fonts that PicMonkey provides but you can also pull in your own. With PicMonkey, you can rotate images easily, overlap, and just play until your hearts content! Maybe you just don’t have the time to play around with PicMonkey right now to create your own free printable and that’s ok too…just print the one below.

Free Spring Printable Using PicMonkey

Free Spring Printable

Free Spring Printable

Print and trim to fit in a 8×10 frame. If you don’t have a cute frame for the picture… grab some paint! I grabbed up a bottle of coordinating acrylic paint from my stash and painted a frame I already have. If I sanded down this cheap frame, it would probably show 6 to 8 different colors. You can always use what you have! No need to buy new when you can use the tried and true!

I must say PicMonkey has made making printables easy peasy! I also have a really good tip on a website I discovered. You can enter your word and it will pull up a preview of all the font types you have in your computer. It’s awesome! We can all use this shortcut and it saves a ton of time browsing through fonts for each word! I found the tip at Where The Smiles Have Been.

I hope you all love this free spring printable using PicMonkey as much as I do! If you have the time, I highly recommend playing around with PicMonkey! I use them for everything I do on my blog…from printables, picture editing, and picture collages. Give it a try, you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried before.

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  1. Very cute printable! I love how colorful and cheery it is….perfect for spring! I too was surprised at how much more difficult it is to create a nice printable….it’s not as easy as Pinterest would lead you to believe! Thanks for leaving me some linky love, and I’m glad you found my tip useful too! 🙂

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