Denim Crafting Trend

I was recently approached to write a guest blog post featuring a latest trend in scrapbooking. What a honor it was that the girls at DIY JustCuz even asked me! I was extremely nervous being it would be my first guest blog post. While laying in bed one night, my mind went to racing!… I need to pick out some pictures, and I have to come up with the scrapbook page, and write up a post, and it has to have good tips, and what’s the latest trend? When bam it hit me. Denim! I remembered reading recently, that denim was making a comeback in crafting. My whole idea begins to form in my head…

I would love for you guys to go check out the rest of the story and my scrapbook pages at DIY JustCuz. While you’re there, you should click around and get to know the cousins Brittany, Sarah, and Sam! I would like to say a big Thank You to the girls for hosting me as a guest blogger! I’m very honored!

Scrapbook Denim Trend Double Page