How To Transform Wax Covered Candle Holders

My parents bought a “new” house last year and have been making it a home ever since. I absolutely love everything about their new place. One of the best parts, I’ve been able to help my mom with lot’s of the decorating. Which in turn, ultimately, means spending a ton of time together. Who doesn’t love that?! Through this journey together we are always keeping our eyes out for the perfect decor pieces that would look great for her home, be it old or new.

How to easily transform wax covered $2 yard sale candle holders into the perfect addition for your house.

I came across these $2 yard sale candle holders. If I’m being honest, they weren’t the prettiest things I’ve ever seen and they were in rough condition.

How to transform yard sale candles and remove wax easily.

Did I mention, they were covered in candle wax? I did love the shape and the height. I figured for $2 and between my mom and myself, we could make these candle holders look amazing.

How to easily remove candle wax to transform yard sale candle holders.

First, I needed to come up with an easy way to get rid of the candle wax. There’s the obvious, a little butter knife action and the old digging technique. But there is also the not so obvious…How to remove the candle wax drips down the side?

How to remove wax from candle holders.

Well, I have an easy solution to transform wax covered candle holders.

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Easily remove candle wax to makeover candle holders.

All you need is a hairdryer and some paper towels. Place the candle holder on a paper towel. Then apply hot air from the hairdryer. The candle wax melts away. This method works like a charm. As the candle wax softens and melts, wipe away with a paper towel.

How to easily remove candle wax to makeover yard sale candle holders.

Now you can see, the candle wax has been completely removed. Once the candle holders were completely free of old wax, it was time for a makeover. I gave each candle holder a coat of chalk paint then handed them over to my mom to give a faux finish. The finish was achieved by dry brushing on different colors of chalk paint.

Transforming a wax covered candle holder purchased from a yard sale that would only hold a skinny candle stick.

I knew I didn’t like the idea of putting a tall skinny tapered candle back on this candle holder. I found these pretty glass globes at a local store called the Vintage Rose. I’ve also seen them at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I thought the candle holders still needed a little more character and I didn’t like the big gap between the glass and the holder.

Transforming wax covered yard sale candle holders using twine.

So we added some twine. Use a little hot glue to keep it in place and you are all done.

$2 Yard sale candle holder makeover.

There you have it….How to easily transform wax covered candle holders.

How to take wax covered yard sale candle holders and make them look new again.

How to easily transform wax covered candle holders…

Supplies Used

yard sale candle holders
paper towels
chalk paint
iconglass globes
glue gun
iconglue sticks

Now you can easily transform candle holders or you can simply use the hairdryer technique to easily remove wax from many different surfaces. If you like this idea, click to tweet below and pin to your favorite Pinterest boards.

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How to easily transform wax covered candle holders.

How to easily remove wax from candle holders and transform yard sale candle holders into a thing of beauty!icon

11 thoughts on “How To Transform Wax Covered Candle Holders

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks Lacie! I love how this repurposed project turned out! Even better is that we worked on this together. Thank you for gifting these holders to me, I’ll treasure them always ????. What I love about repurposed items is they had a story before coming to you and continue their journey adding to the story with renewed purpose. If these holders could talk they would say. … thank you, I was reborn by and through a grateful heart

    • lacier77 says:

      Mom, I love you forever and always! The best projects are the ones I get to work on with you! You will always have my heart! ????

    • lacier77 says:

      Awe…thank you soooo much! My mom is my biggest fan and number 1 supporter no matter what! Angie, it means a lot that you said that!

    • lacier77 says:

      Great question! I bet it would! I haven’t tried it on lace yet but I will totally melt some wax on lace to see how it turns out just for you. Give me a few days and I’ll check it out.

  2. Love the way you repurposed those candles…the twine is a great idea! And I also love your mom’s comments!! Lucky you 🙂 🙂

    • lacier77 says:

      Hey Linda! Thank you so much! I keep telling my mom to start her own blog! My creativity comes from her and she would have an amazing blog. Maybe one day! ????

      • Isn’t that wonderful! Moms are great – arent’ they!? Hey, you could have her guest blog on your blog or add her as a contributor to your own blog! Who knows?!

    • lacier77 says:

      Hey Sherry! It is amazing! All you need is a little heat and the hair dryer is the perfect tool!

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