The Perfect Gift For The Hunter Who Has Everything

Y’all, I have found the perfect gift for the hunter who has everything. My husband is an avid hunter. You name it, he hunts it. It’s his passion and I absolutely enjoy that twinkle he gets in his eyes when it’s time to go hunting. My only problem…what to buy the hunter who has everything?!

The perfect gift for the hunter who has everything plus free printable gift tags. Surprise your favorite hunter with the gift that keeps on giving. Arkansas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets.

{I’m proud to be partnering with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and The Women Bloggers for 3 days of 3 fun ways to use lottery scratch off tickets during the holidays. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and I LOVE these ideas!}

Day 1…The Perfect Gift For The Hunter Who Has Everything

I don’t know if you are like me or not but if you’re reading this post then I’m betting you are. If my hubby tells me he needs something for hunting, he will most likely have purchased it before a holiday, birthday, or hunting season rolls around. Just Great! Now what am I supposed to get the man for a gift?! Never fear, I’ve figured it out! Partnering with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery gave me the BEST idea for the perfect gift for the hunter who has everything.

Free printable gift tags and the perfect gift for the hunter who has everything. See how I surprised my favorite hunter with Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Scratch Off Tickets.

About the only thing I can help the hubby with is the snacks that he takes to the deer woods. He adds those essential snack items to the never ending grocery list posted on the refrigerator. I’m thinking…sure, I can get those snacks for you honey. I’m also thinking…I can be a little sneaky this year. hehe! When the hubby packed his snacks for his deer stand, I added in a little bonus. The man loves scratch off lotto tickets and who am I to deprive him of the things he loves? Deer hunting and scratch off tickets are the perfect combo for my man. I couldn’t sneak in a surprise without adding a gift tag so I made up some free printable gift tags to go along with the tickets.

Use these free printable gift tags for the hunter who has everything.

These free printable gift tags work great with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Scratch Off Tickets that say Jumbo Bucks but any of their lotto tickets can win you bucks so print away.

Free Printable Hunter Gift Tags.

Print the free gift tags here. Make sure and set your printer to landscape.

Free Printable Deer Hunter Gift Tags To and From

Print these To and From Gift Tags here.

You know what is really funny? Thinking about your favorite hunter trying to find something in their hunting gear to scratch off those tickets in the deer stand. Totally LOL!

The perfect gift for the Hunter who has everything. Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Scratch Off Tickets with free printable gift tags.

Here are the reason’s why I love the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. Words from the horses mouth, so to speak…

“More than 92 cents of every dollar of Arkansas Scholarship Lottery revenue goes to prizes, scholarships, retailer commissions and other expenses in the state. Since Lottery sales started in 2009, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has helped provide nearly $700 million for scholarships to Arkansas students at 51 colleges and universities across the state. More than 235,000 students have been awarded an Academic Challenge Scholarship. Players have won nearly $2 billion in prizes and Lottery retailers have earned more than $178 million in commissions.”

I hope The Perfect Gift For The Hunter Who Has Everything gives you gift inspiration. I have 4 more fun ways to use lottery tickets during the holiday season coming soon! Sign up below to never miss a post and get these easy clever ideas sent right to your inbox.

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Free printable Deer Hunter Gift Tags. 4 to choose from.

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift For The Hunter Who Has Everything

  1. I have so many hunters in my life and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to get for them but this looks like the perfect gift!! Who doesn’t love snacks and scratch offs? I know I do!!!

  2. Debenr says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea!!!! You are so clever and I’m all over this! Sighting in on this creative idea and thanks!

  3. HAHA, ok this was pretty good. My wife made me read this and yes, I have everything and don’t really trust my wife to surprise me with something I really want / need as a hunter unless I tell her exactly what it is. So this is a good gift. And you never know, you might get lucky!

    • lacier77 says:

      Hey Gary. First of all your wife is brilliant! Lol! So glad she made you read this post and thank you!

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