How To Organize A Room With Free Printable

Do you ever store something and tell yourself, “I’ll remember that I put that specific thing in that specific drawer or container”? I tell myself that all of the time! Guess what…I never remember! Unless it’s say like the kitchen scissors (which I will use on you, if they don’t find their way back to the drawer…lol!), or sewing pins (which are always in my sewing drawer). But what about the rest of your things??? I’ve always had this idea of making an inventory sheet and I finally tested it out and it’s working like a charm! It’s one of those charts that I could look at and know exactly what contents are in what container and where the container is in the room…check out my method on how to organize a room using this free printable!

Check out how I organize my craft room and never second guess where I store anything with this Free Printable Room Inventory Chart!

How To Organize A Room

Ok, so this is a bit embarrassing but I’m about to get real! My craft room was in total disarray. I am a craft hoarder by nature but that is no excuse for the mess I got myself in. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m even going to show you, but here we go…

Do you have a room that looks this bad Let me show you how to organize a room with free printable!

HUGE, HUGE, HUGE MESS! Yes I did it, I showed you my dirty little secret! I seriously couldn’t live like that anymore.

How to organize a room with free printable!

This is how to organize a room…I literally took 65% of the stuff completely out of the room and started over. Four garbage bags, 5 rubber maids, and one Room Inventory sheet later…the room is completely in order. I actually ended up having empty bins and containers for future craft organizing.  In the picture, I can immediately see Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day stuff. These are things I was constantly trying to find a place for in my craft room. Why would I store these once a year items in a room I use almost daily? Pointless.

Organize a craft room with free printable!

Any items that you have and only use once a year need to go into rubber maids and into the attic. Make sure you use storage bins that coordinate in color with what you are storing. Say like Christmas stuff goes in red or green bins, Halloween in black or orange and so on. Clear bins are a great choice too.

Never search for an item you stored in a container or drawer again! Use this free printable Room Inventory Chart to help you stay organized!

Now you are probably wondering how the free printable Room Inventory Sheet will help get you organized. You can certainly use it for items you put in your attic. List the contents, what container it’s in, the location of the container, and any additional notes. Any time you add a new container to the attic, add it to your list. This Room Inventory sheet will work in any room of your house.

I will show you how this chart works on the room that inspired the free printable, my craft room…

Labels for craft containers.

Some items can be clearly labeled. Magnets hot glued to craft wood works great for containers. But some containers just can’t be labeled or they can but you just don’t have the time to make cute labels.

How to organize storage containers with free printable.

Some things I don’t want to label because the contents may outgrow the container and I need to find a different solution.

Room Inventory printable to help you organize a room!

These are all types of containers that I have stored stuff in and I’m not real sure exactly what is in any of them. Every time I need a specific craft item, I have to go on the hunt. You know, pull out each bin (finding something I completely forgot about in the process) until I find what I was originally searching for. This is time consuming and distracting! Well, not anymore! This Room Inventory organizational chart has made all the difference in the world. Any storage container that isn’t clearly labeled is listed on the chart.

How to organize a room with free printable to help you know where everything is stored!

Actually, the first column on the chart is the contents. I can quickly scroll down this column on the chart until I find what I’m looking for, look at the next column for the container, and the next column for the location. You will find what you are looking for in seconds rather than long annoying minutes! *This is also an amazing tool to see what you have before you go buy. It drives me crazy to buy something only to later realize I already had that item. *

How to organize a room with free printable…

Free Printable Room Inventory Sheet to keep you Organized! Never misplace anything again!

Get this free printable here and go get organized!

Lacie’s Easy Peasy Pleasy Tips!

  • My big pointer here is to always put the things back in their place!
  • As you store new items, add them to your chart.
  • This chart works great for other rooms as well…use it for those cabinets and drawers that house all sorts of things.

A friend once told me, even though you are insanely busy, take the time to put everything away once the project is complete. Great words to live by! I’m working daily to implement this advice.  This free printable Room Inventory chart is working like a charm for me! I know it will work great for you as well. It has already saved me a ton of time and actually makes me want to stay more organized. It never hurts to make life a little easier!

This is how to organize a room. What tips do you have for staying organized?

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