Greek Salad In A Jar Makes Lunch Meal Prep Easy

Y’all! It’s that time of year to get our skinny on. It’s spring time which means shorts and bathing suits are in our near future. I think bathing suits and I think…SUCKS! I am embracing the SUCK and starting off this eating lean season with this super easy and delicious Greek Salad In A Jar recipe. I may not like the aspect of getting lean but I do love this recipe to help me in my endeavor. My favorite part…this recipe makes up enough for 4 lunches. Perfect for skinny lunch meal prep!

Greek Salad in a jar is the perfect skinny lunch meal prep idea.

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I have never been a person to shy away from having fun on the account of my weight. We are who we are and should still live life to the fullest. But having said that, I’m always up for yummy ways to shed a few pounds. This Greek Salad In a Jar is the perfect start to a new summer. Seriously, you can set up your lunches for the week (4 days because the 5th day is a cheat day) all in a few steps.

Make lunch meal prep easy and delicious with a Mason Jar and Salad. Try this Greek Salad in a jar recipe.

A little Greek yogurt, a little grain, some veggies, and seasonings will have you falling in love with this recipe. If you loose a few pounds in the process, even better right?! When I’m trying to lose weight, I always revert to grilled chicken and Greek food is an obvious choice. That’s why I love this recipe.

Greek Salad in a Mason Jar

Check out the Greek Salad In A Jar…

You can find the full recipe here! Click Me!

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If you are looking for some skinny recipes and love Greek food the recipes listed above will be your go to recipes! The Steak Pitas are my husband’s most requested meal.

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