How to make a picture perfect grilled chicken wrap with step by step instructions.

How To Roll A Picture Perfect Grilled Chicken Wrap

When it comes to a wrap, it’s all in how you roll. Well, actually it’s all in how you layer, wrap, and roll. For the longest time I would make my wraps like a burrito…you know, with one end closed and one end open. I would pile everything in the middle, close one end and roll it up. (Not a true wrap.) That is until I discovered the correct way to roll the wrap…Restaurants! One of my favorite reasons for eating at restaurants (besides the eating) is learning new tricks. It’s the best way to gain first hand knowledge of the food I love. This was a trick I picked up years ago by really inspecting my favorite dishes from restaurants. Let me show you how to roll a picture perfect grilled chicken wrap with recipe included.

How to roll a picture perfect grilled chicken wrap every time with recipe included.

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Trying to Eat Lean-Greek Grilled Chicken Salad With Greek Yogurt Dressing

I’m on my ever present venture to try and eat lean. When I make a lean meal that I love, it ends up in my regular dinner rotation. We all know that a regular dinner rotation can become a bit stale. ¬†When that happens, I like to reinvent those meals that I love so much to add a little variety. What’s the saying…variety is the spice of life!

Greek Marinated Grilled Chicken Salad

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Easy Low Fat Greek Grilled Chicken Pitas with tzatziki sauce Recipe

Trying to Eat Lean-Easy Greek Grilled Chicken Pitas With Tzatziki Sauce

Trying to eat lean is no new concept to me. It’s definitely a battle of the wills. Sometimes that skinny girl stuck inside me comes knocking at my brain just begging for a chance. But most of the time, the chubby girl wins out in the end. In this particular case though, the skinny girl wants to come out and play. She might not stick around long but while she’s here I figure I better post what’s she’s cooking…Greek Grilled Chicken Pitas!

Easy Greek Grilled Chicken Pitas Recipe with Tzatziki Sauce

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