Football Party…Not Just a Man’s Game!

Let’s face it, women love football just as much as the men do! So, why should we let the boys have all the fun? Girls can have a football party too!

I recently had the pleasure of throwing a surprise birthday party for a dear friend of mine. First of all, she loves football and secondly her actual birthday was the day before the Super Bowl. I thought what better way to pull off the surprise than with a nonchalant invite to watch the big game. Word got out and our cover was blown…but only a little bit! She had no idea we went all out with the decor and the cake and the gifts. It was all in all the best time (except for the Seahawks losing the game! Boo!)! Half the fun was in the planning and projects so I thought I would share those football party ideas with you.

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Easy and Inexpensive Super Bowl Party ideas!

First, I pursued Pinterest with a vengeance to get the juices flowing and then I pulled out my trusty Cricut. I sure do love that machine! It does all the hard work for you!

Super Bowl Football Birthday Party pennant banner in the making

Super Bowl Football Birthday Party birthday pennant banner in the making

I started by picking coordinating card stock and the designs I wanted my Cricut to cut out. I let the Cricut do the work of cutting pennants and letters to make a Happy Birthday banner for the backdrop. I then cut out footballs and triangle pennants to make a banner for the fireplace mantel. I actually taped string to the back of each shape to make it easier to hang. Finally, I added mini white clothes pins to add a cute finishing detail. Easy Peasy!

Super Bowl Football Birthday Party football pennant banner in the making

Super Bowl Football Birthday Party fireplace decor banner

Next, I set out to make some chalkboards. This is something I can use over and over again for other projects and it’s a decoration that can be personalized. I bought some unfinished wood at hobby lobby for half price and I already had some chalkboard paint so it basically only cost about $2! All you do is put a couple coats down then rub the board with chalk, wipe clean and write your message.

chalkboard paint Super Bowl Football Birthday Party chalkboard

Bomb Diggity is her favorite saying!

Ok, so we’ve all seen tissue paper poms and know they are super inexpensive when you make them yourself. While searching Pinterest I came across really cute football shaped poms and I just had to make them. I once again used my Cricut to cut out the laces.

Football Poms                                                  Football Poms Instructions

I found some really cute free football printables on Pinterest.  I printed them off and framed them up in some frames I used from a previous project. I found the following free printables at You can click the website & check out this sweet blog or click on the links under the photo to go right to the blog post containing the printables.

free football printable subway art                          Free football printable readysethut threelittlemonkeysstudio.comFree Football Printable Subway Art

Free Football Printable

Super Bowl Football Birthday Party printable                         Super Bowl Football Birthday Party football poms

I I I Placed the printables on each corner of the table with the tissue paper poms, some blue bottles to add a touch of color and some lanterns that I filled with whole coffee beans. Thank you Kenna for the coffee bean idea you gave me years ago! They match the decor and smell really good!

I purchased some green felt at Hobby Lobby to make the table look like a football field. I then added white tape and some numbers cut from my Cricut to create yards and yard lines. Chalk another idea up to Pinterest! Pinterest what would I do without you!  I pinned the idea from A Night Owl.

Football Party in the making           Super Bowl Football Birthday Party tablescape

It’s a football party table in the making! I once again used my curtain scarf as a backdrop and hung blue party streamers. I purchased the 2 small football bowls at the Dollar Tree and the large football bowl at a local party store.

A separate area was created to display the cake.

Football Party Cake Tablescape          Super Bowl Football Birthday Party cake tablescape

I laid out brown paper and used white tape for the yard lines and numbers cut from my Cricut for the yards. My favorite idea was the the yards which was actually my husband’s idea. If you notice the 50 yard line then at the 40 yard lines it has been changed to 41, the birthday girl’s age. Way to go hubby!

I found another cute and mind you once again free printable while perusing Pinterest. Check it out at Living Locurto or click on the link under the picture to head straight to the printable.

free football printable                            Super Bowl Football Birthday Party chalkboard pennant  Free Football Printable

There is no way we could just settle for a regular ole cake for this birthday girl! Turtle Cheesecake it was since it is her favorite dessert!

 Super Bowl Football Birthday Party turtle cheesecake

Can’t forget the gift!!!  gift in a jar 
It’s the ultimate gift in a jar with all the birthday girl’s favorite things!

To round out the decor in the living room…well the picture says it all!

 Super Bowl Football Birthday Party balloons

Last but not least is a seven layer dip designed to look like a football field.

Super Bowl Football Birthday Party seven layer dip football field      Super Bowl Football Birthday Party seven layer dip

Football Party Complete!

If you are looking for my seven layer dip recipe and another fun way to serve this dip you can find it here. They are little bite sized footballs. So cute!!!

Football Party Table Decor

It was a great football party and we had so much fun putting it all together!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found some Easy Peasy ideas you might want to use! See you next time!

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