Through The Year…A Tale Of The Teacher’s Lounge

As many of you know I spent a year as PTO President for my son’s school. I had a wonderful experience and made a lot of new friends! My good friend Jessica once said,  “your close friends in adulthood actually turn out to be your children’s friend’s parents”. So true Jessica. The most rewarding part of the experience was raising a ton of money that went toward the betterment of the school. Throughout the year the PTO put on many events and I tried to photo document as many as I could. I thought my blog would be a great way to share all these wonderful ideas and events!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a series of post on how the Teacher’s Lounge was decorated and updated for seasons, holidays, and events using the same style and on a budget. This post will give you a preview of upcoming posts which will highlight and explain each set of decorations in detail.

Teacher Lounge Fall Makeover Teachers Lounge Chritmas Makeover

Teachers Lounge Valentine Makeover Teachers Lounge Winter Makeover

Teacher Lounge Teacher Appreciation Week Makeover Teachers Lounge Razorback Tailgate Party


The decorations were done to help brighten the staff’s day and serve as backdrops for luncheons the PTO provided.

I hope you have enjoyed this small preview and come back to get the full story behind each theme! Stay tuned to see how it was done Easy Peasy style and on a budget.

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