He Locked The Door And Threw Away The Keys

First, let’s start with the heart strings cause mine are pulled and my funny bone has been tickled too! Let me just say, I have the most amazing brother in the world who married the most amazing woman in the world in the most hilarious wedding ceremony in the world!

Here is a little back story on what inspired this DIY Wedding Gift. This past weekend I attended the best wedding ever! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to many fabulously amazing weddings and even had the pleasure of being a maid of honor and a bridesmaid in some of these fabulously amazing weddings. But, this wedding in particular was hands down the funniest wedding I’ve ever attended! There was no pomp and circumstance and the only tears that were shed was due to laughing hysterically! That’s my kinda wedding!

Where shall I begin….hmm…maybe with the fact that my sister in laws best friend Alicia actually got ordained to proceed over the wedding. Now that’s a true friend!

It was only fitting that Alicia would proceed over the wedding ceremony since she was the one who introduced the lovely couple to each other. Alicia starts the ceremony and before she can get 2 sentences out, my brother leans in and steals a kiss from his bride to be. Uh, Kevin, not yet…that comes at the end of the ceremony! Alicia proceeds with the ceremony and ask, “if anyone has any reason this couple shouldn’t be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace”. This is the point where there is usually a pause and the room remains completely silent….not at this wedding! All of a sudden, Dave who is standing directly behind me speaks up. He says, “I’m sorry, I have something to say.” Everybody’s jaws drop to the floor or at least mine did. I attempt to pull my jaw up and close my mouth as I listen to what Dave has to say.

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding

I look at the bride who’s eyes have gotten a bit wider and the groom who looks a tad bit nervous.

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding...what

I think to myself….is this an old boyfriend of Ashley’s??? Why would she invite an old boyfriend to her wedding?

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding what what

Dave says, “I know I should have done this earlier but I have to do this before you get married….(DUHN DUHN DUHN!). He says, “I want to return your house key, Ashley”. At this point, I’m thinking Kevin might deck this guy but all of a sudden you hear another guy say “Ashley, I too want to return your house key”.

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding Wait don't forget this key Ashley

Then one after another a new guy steps up and says, “Ashley, Here’s your house key back.”

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding Ashley laughing hysterically about the keys

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding Ashley accepting yet another key

The key giving went on and on from one guy after another until Ashley had to start collecting them in a Mason Jar!

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding Mason Jar of Keys

At this point we are folded over and laughing hysterically! Then as the final guy hands Ashley a key, one woman walks up to Kevin and says, “I’ve got to give you your key back.”. The crowd erupts even more!

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding Kevin you get a key too

Kevin and Ashley's Wedding After Ashley receives 10 keys Kevin finally gets one!

I have never witnessed anything like it! Now that we are all all doubled over in side pains from laughter how will the ceremony even go on? There were many more laughable moments throughout the ceremony but nothing could compare to this particular moment in my mind!

My brother absolutely would not let me buy them a wedding present but now it’s my time to get him back! No present for the wedding, then you will get an after wedding present inspired by the ceremony itself and all your amazing friends I was honored to meet! Kevin most defiantly locked the door and threw away all those keys!

To all you DIYers…

Just in case you ever have a brother that’s getting married and at that ceremony, a ton of of house keys are handed back to the bride from fictional past boyfriends and you have no idea what an appropriate gift would be to give the lucky couple…I’ve got you covered! It’s super easy and inexpensive(but don’t tell my brother that, I want him to think it cost a ton…maybe I’ll get an expensive birthday present from him! LOL)! Anyway, I’ve got you covered and I’m gonna tell you how to make it!

First, lets start with the supplies..

DIY Wedding Gift supplies

You will need

  • Board
  • Burlap
  • Freezer Paper
  • Paint
  • Decorative Tacks
  • Plumbing Clamps
  • Embellishments

Figure out what layout you need and determine what size board will be used. Paint your board and sand if you want a distressed look.

DIY Wedding Gift Painting and Sanding

Now you are going to want to print your saying onto burlap. I consulted many different sites to get good instructions on this process. I ironed my burlap to get out the wrinkles. I then placed a sheet of freezer paper over the burlap. Shiny side of freezer paper to burlap. Now iron the freezer paper to the burlap. The freezer paper should stick to the burlap. I then took a piece of printer paper and placed it on top of my freezer paper/burlap and traced the outside edge. Cut out the lines you just drew. You want it to be able to run through your printer like a piece of paper. Determine your font and saying in any program you wish to use. Place the burlap/freezer paper in your printer tray so the burlap side will be printed on and hit print. If you are nervous about this process, you can always print on a sheet of paper first. It really is super easy!

DIY Wedding Gift Instructions

This is a pic of the freezer paper/burlap and my general idea of a layout. You need to peel off the freezer paper which comes away easily. Place your saying on your board and prepare to tack.

DIY Wedding Gift using Decorative Tacks and Burlap

Some wood is super soft and you can push the tacks in with your thumb and some will need a gentle nudge by a hammer. Attach your embellishments. I added a tin G here.

DIY Wedding Gift using an and symbol drawer pull

This & symbol is actually a drawer pull. My hubby drilled me a hole through the wood and attached the & symbol the way you would attach a drawer pull to a drawer or cabinet door.

DIY Wedding Gift using a Mason Jar and a Plumbing Clamp

The “Jar of Keys” was attached to the board with a plumbing clamp. Thanks to my hubby once again! He drilled a hole through the clamp and attached the clamp to the board. All that was left was to tighten the clamp around the Mason jar and add some interchangeable flowers for color! You hear that Ashley? You can change out the faux flowers for the seasons or to match a color in a specific room in your house!

DIY Wedding Gift with Burlap, decorative tacks, faux flowers, plumbing clamp, freezer paper and a mason jar

DIY Wedding Gift faux flowers to change out with the seasons

DIY Wedding Gift after the wedding with a special saying from the wedding

The wedding was so much fun!┬áMy brother and now sister in law have the most fun loving, adventurous, accepting and welcoming friends. We had the best time! I’m so glad we were able to be a part of it! We enjoyed the whole weekend with you guys! Congratulations to Kevin and Ashley! I hope you enjoy this gift that will always commemorate your special day! Love Always, Your Sister!

DIY Wedding Gift He Locked The Door And Threw Away The Keys

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