The Last Cheese Ball You’ll Ever Make

Planning a party? Need Something quick for a potluck? Maybe you need a no stress appetizer for a holiday get together? Well, this cheese ball will be a sure fire crowd pleaser and the last cheese ball you will ever make! It’s the most delicious 5 minute 4 ingredient cheese ball ever. I promise you, it’s a hit every time!

The most Delicious Cheese Ball Ever using only 4 ingredients

I’ve been making this cheese ball forever. I believe I got this idea many many many years ago from my friend Mendy. Ok, so maybe I could have left out one of those many’s! I’m not that old!

4 Ingreidents for the best cheese ball ever

It’s only 4 Ingredients! This is all you need!

I’ve been asked how to make this cheese ball over and over and never could give an exact recipe. I always just chop the beef and put in a bowl. Then I would add about the same amount of cheese and green onions just by eyeballing.

Green Onions, Dried Beef, Shredded Cheddar, and cream cheese is all you need to make the best cheese ball ever
I decided since I’m asked all the time how to make this cheese ball I would pull out the old measuring cups and make up a quick and easy printable recipe.

This Cheese Ball is a must try with only 4 Ingredients

I’ve never been one to fuss with adding chopped nuts or anything else to make the outside look pretty. Once you dig in all that pretty disappears anyway.

Easiest and most delicious cheese ball using only 4 ingredients

Don’t forget the crackers. I like Wheat Thins. Mostly because they are a stronger cracker but use your favorite.

Easiest Most Delicious Cheese Ball Ever

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  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup chopped green onions
  • 1 jar dried beef, chopped
  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened


Mix your first 3 ingredients together in a bowl. Add cream cheese and spread over mixture. Stir until all ingredients are incorporated throughout the cream cheese. Form the cheese mixture into a ball. Cover with plastic wrap and chill until ready to serve.

Tip…This cheese ball can be made and eaten immediately or can be stored in the fridge until your gathering or overnight. It’s a great make ahead appetizer.




I hope you give this cheese ball a try and if you do, let me know what you think. I must say it is very Easy Peasy to make! Don’t forget to sign up to see what other Easy Peasy ideas I have up my sleeve. You can also follow along on your favorite social media by clicking the icons below.

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27 thoughts on “The Last Cheese Ball You’ll Ever Make

  1. Kristin M says:

    My grandmother made this cheeseball for Christmas every year, and I keep the tradition going and make them now! I add a couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce to mine and then wrap in pecans. Delish!

  2. I’ve not had this since in the 1980’s when a co-worker always brought this to our luncheon parties. I can’t wait to make this for our October birthday’s celebrations. Fantastic recipe and always a hit.

    • Yes it is! My friends always wanted the recipe and I would say chop the beef then add the same amount of cheese and chopped onions…you know, cause that’s how I always throw it together. Decided it was high time to figure out a real recipe. lol!

  3. Sophia says:

    I add a TBSP or two jalapeño jelly to mine and roll it in chopped nuts/seeds or shredded cheese and sprinkle paprika on top to give it a Christmasy look.

    • lacier77 says:

      I love pepper jelly. I’ve never tried mixing it with a cheese ball. I like to pour a whole jar of pepper jelly over a block of cream cheese and dig in with some crackers. Have you ever tried it that way? That’s about as easy as it comes…lol!

    • lacier77 says:

      That sounds like a great idea! I think cheese balls are so versatile. Just about anything can be mixed with cream cheese and it will always be good. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Heather says:

    If you freeze the beef it cuts easier, also once you mix the ingredients you can place it in the freezer for about 10 min and that makes it easier to make a ball without it sticking to everything as the cream cheese comes to room temperature.

    • lacier77 says:

      Hi Heather! Love your tips! I’m making this cheese ball this week so I will give them a try. I can literally eat the cheese ball off my fingers after forming. Sticking it in the freezer before I form the call this time. Seriously, thank you sooo much for the tips!

  5. Linda says:

    My “normal” cheese ball that I make can be refrigerated for a week or actually tastes better the longer it sits. Has anyone kept this cheeseball longer than a few days in the fridge? Would it be OK to do so? Never made one with meat in it before. Thx! =)

    • lacier77 says:

      Hi Linda. If I make this for a crowd there aren’t any leftovers but if I make it for the family, we will eat on it all week so I know it will be fine in the fridge for awhile. The meat is actually dried beef that comes in a jar that’s really thin sliced. It’s on a shelf and not refrigerated.

    • lacier77 says:

      Hey Lysha! It’s a good one! Thanks for all the Pinterest invites! I didn’t realize you sent them until yesterday. I’m gonna start adding pins ASAP. Thank you thank you!????

  6. Jan says:

    I had this cheese ball once at someone’s house. They turned out to be an enemy instead of a friend, so I never could ask them exactly how they made it. I ended up substituting lunch meat for the chipped beef, and over the years have started add8ng shredded cheddar. I always get asked for the recipe. I th8nk the green onions are what make it so different fr9m most cheeseballs. It is definitely my favorite.

    • Easy Peasy Pleasy says:

      Hey Jan! The green onions do help. I tried making it without the dried beef (because it was the only ingredient I was lacking in the spur of the moment) once and it just wasn’t the same. Never tried lunch meat though. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Tammi says:

    I make this every year for our big Christmas get together. Everyone loves it, but it goes so fast!! So this year I am doubling it. Yummy!!!

  8. Alma says:

    I never made a cheese ball before. This is the first one I ever tried. It was easy and delicious! Very well received at Christmas! I will save this pin and make again and again! ❤❤❤

    • Easy Peasy Pleasy says:

      Hi Alma!! I’m so glad it was a hit! I made 3 of them myself over the holiday. This cheese ball never disappoints.

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