PTO Survival Kit With Free Printable

As some of you may know, I am starting a 2nd year as PTO President at my kiddos school. We’ve been super busy getting ready for the new school year. My house now looks like hurricane PTO hit and left total devastation in it’s wake! But really, who cares?! It’s gonna be that way all year! This PTO Survival Kit is one thing that will make my life a little easier this school year.

Being on the PTO is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life! Nothing compares to the smiling faces of hundreds of kids when you tell them enough money has been raised to buy new playground equipment or new iPads. The kids get equally excited when the PTO fills the halls with the buttery smell of popcorn and they know a snack is coming their way. It is truly something to behold!

All us parents work extremely hard to make our events successful, raise money, and spoil the teachers and students rotten. We can’t forget about those parents who give endlessly to make our schools better for our children. The parents need to be spoiled a little from time to time as well.

Being as I have been the PTO President in the past, I know a few tips and tricks to help one survive the PTO. Therefore, I have created a PTO Survival Kit and free printable to use with the kit. It’s just the right stuff one will need to make it through a year on the PTO.

This PTO Survival Kit is a must have for your PTO and PTA Volunteers. Check out the cute free printable that explains all items in the kit!

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As a PTO President I've learned a thing or two and made a fun printable to go with this kit. This PTO Survival Kit is the perfect gift for PTO or PTA Volunteers!

PTO Survival Kit 101…

After my first year as PTO Pres, my girlfriend bought me a package of cups that say “Stop Me Before I Volunteer Again”. I think she was trying to tell me something!…lol! Well, I held onto the cups and they sparked an idea and a cute way to use them. If you are looking for a cup that looks similar and has the same saying you can find one here. They also have these really cute napkins with the same saying.
Stop Me Before I Volunteer Beverage Napkin

School supplies are out in abundance right now and I picked up anything I could find that would be useful to a PTO volunteer. These are all items that I could purchase many of and very inexpensively. Once I had my items, I went to writing why these items would be useful. I figured if this is something I would use than maybe some other volunteer organizations might want to use this ideas and printable as well.

PTO Survival Guide for the Survival Kit Printable

I think this list says it all! Click here to get the free printable.

Let me know if you are a PTA and need the lettering changed. I would be happy to provide a PTA form if it’s needed.

UPDATE 2016!!! I’ve added a PTA version below!

PTA Survival Kit

Click here for the PTA version!

This PTO Survival Kit is the perfect gift for your PTO or PTA Volunteers. Check out the free printable that accompanies this kit!

Nothing could be possible without all the wonderful parents who make PTO/PTA successful! This Survival Kit makes the perfect gift for your volunteers! I have a lot more PTO ideas coming your way. Make sure and sign up with your email to get all these ideas sent straight to your inbox.

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19 thoughts on “PTO Survival Kit With Free Printable

  1. I was the room mom for my son’s kindergarten class and I was surprised at how much time it demanded! It was like a part time job! Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of it, but it made me realize how much time we volunteer…and unfortunately how easily the PTO and room moms can be taken for granted. I absolutely LOVE your post, which is why I am picking it to be Featured next week. Thank you for sharing it with us at Welcome Home Wednesday! Please continue to visit us…and don’t forget to grab your button! PS, I pinned this and will be using it in the future. You are a fantastic PTO president =)

    • Wow!! Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate your words! It means so much to me! Thank you for pinning and most importantly, thank you for the feature!!!

  2. Hello Lacie!! Just popping in to let you know your post has been picked as a feature at the Welcome Home Wednesday Link Party! Stop by tomorrow to see your feature and link up!

  3. Erica Thompson says:

    This is totally new to me I need help! !!! I’m trying to reconstruct the PTO at my son’s school and get the parents back involved. Do you have any suggestions???

    • lacier77 says:

      Hey friend! The struggle is real! Lol! But you already know that. I may take a little break and focus on more of what parents can do from home. Thanks for stopping by! Miss you!

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