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Wicker Redo With A Fun Little Story Too

This is Mrs. Hannah. She was the original owner of this piece and has since handed it down to her daughter in law. Let me give you a little background on this piece of wicker.

Mrs. Hannah sitting on a restored 1920's wicker davenport

Mrs. Hannah, who mind you, has recorded everything in her life tells us this piece is called a Davenport. She also tells us that she purchased this piece…wait for it… on May 27, 1971. I ask myself, how in the world can a person remember exactly when they purchased a piece of furniture that dates back 44 years? Well, I have found out since that Hannah’s husband owns a business and they have always kept ledgers of purchases. I thought this was the neatest thing. How amazing to be able to pull out a notebook from so many years ago and know exactly what you were doing at that time based on purchases. Mrs. Hannah purchased this Wicker Davenport (I sound so debonair) from a store in the little town of Shirley that was run by the Hackett’s. She bought it from Ivy Hackett for, get this, only $20. Hannah believes the piece to actually have been made in the 1920’s. It held it’s place of prominence in Hannah’s home for a number of years and then was moved to her front porch.¬† Continue reading

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DIY Refrigerator Notepad With Free Printable Cover And Refills

The time had come to make out my meal plan for the week and get my grocery list underway. I keep a magnetic notepad on the fridge where I write down any items I run out of or realize I need during the week. I went to grab this notepad to write out my list and noticed it has a picture of a snowman printed on all the pages. Winter is over and the snowman is no longer relevant “refrigerator decor” for at least the next 8 months.¬†There has to be at least 40 or 50 pages left on this notepad. Hmm…with a little finger tap to the chin…I start thinking, I could always buy a new notepad but that’s an item I usually just happen to stumble across during random shopping trips. So, instead, I decided I would make up a cover page to add to the front of the notepad with some cute graphics that translate to anytime of the year and not just one particular season. I figured while I was at it, I could make up refill sheets and never have to stumble across those little notepads during shopping again! While I’m at it, I might as well share these printables with you!

Free Printable Refrigerator Notepad Cover Full Sheet

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My Enamelware Obsession

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my craft room lately making costumes, working on party decorations, and generally working on my blog posts. This all equates to a huge mess in the craft room and the mess has even spilled over into the guest bedroom! Yes, I let the craft room get out of control when I have project tunnel vision which is often!! I knew I seriously needed to get it cleaned up for my own sanity! So, in the process of cleaning up the mess and placing items back where they belonged, I thought wow I use a lot of vintage enamelware for storage in my craft room….hmm. Can you see the light bulb going off above my head? I got to thinking I could write a post on ways to use those vintage finds as craft room storage. As the idea is percolating in my head and I’m still cleaning the craft room and tidying up around the house, I realized…whoa! I have an enamelware obsession! The stuff is in almost every room of my house! So the idea of a blog post on how to use enamelware as craft room storage has now grown into how enamelware can be upcycled and used everywhere in your house! Continue reading