Mexican Brown Rice Cantina Bowl Packs A Flavor Punch!

I’m in love with this Mexican Brown Rice Cantina Bowl. There is so much Mexican flavor packed into this one bowl and you know how much I love Mexican food. Mexican food is a family favorite cuisine with my whole family. We eat it at least once a week. It’s pretty much a household staple.

Mexican Brown Rice Cantina Bowl

I always have flour tortillas and taco shells or tortilla chips in my pantry. But another ingredient I always keep is rice. This recipe is a perfect way to use up some of that rice. I love the easy way of adding flavor to the rice by cooking it with a can of enchilada sauce. Then, basically, you can pull out your other favorite ingredients to make it your own.

Cook your brown rice in enchilada sauce to give this Brown Rice Cantina Bowl and extra kick!

This recipe would also be great as a double duty meal. Cook your rice the night before and grill your chicken for meal 1 then follow the recipe for Mexican Brown Rice Cantina Bowl for meal 2. Heat your ingredients and night 2 would be a snap.

Click here for the full Mexican Brown Rice Cantina Bowl recipe!

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