All Things Dr. Seuss-Green Eggs and Ham for Sam I am’s Costume

“It’s not about what it is-it’s about what it can become!”-Dr. Seuss

I took a picture from a book. I gave that book a real good look. I had a challenge in my sight. I grabbed that book and held on tight. No challenge was gonna keep me away. I knew it was time to come out and play. I grabbed my pencil and notepad. I knew had to draw it up real bad. A light bulb went off, in my head. “Hobby Lobby!”, is what I said. I got together what I’d need. I wrote down instructions that you can read. Now it’s your turn, if you dare. Go make something with a little care. Have some fun, on the way. It’s your turn to go out and play!

I hope you are enjoying my series on “All Things Dr. Seuss.” I now bring you Green Eggs and Ham! This is right, yes I am! I’m continuing my post from Sam I am!

Inspiration for Green Eggs and Ham

photo 1 (13)

*Note-some of these supplies were part of a previous blog post. “All Things Dr. Seuss-Sam I am Costume”.

Sam I am costume supplies collage


  1. Yellow Fleece
  2. Red Felt (on the bolt)
  3. Green Felt (on the bolt)
  4. White Soft Felt Sheets
  5. Batting
  6. Red, Yellow, Green, and White Thread
  7. Poster Board
  8. Foam Poster Board
  9. Wooden Dowel
  10. Velcro

The essentials-sewing machine, pins, scissors, hot glue gun & glue sticks, measuring tape, and craft paper.

Green Eggs and Ham Steps

Dr. Seuss Sam I am Green Eggs and Ham Egg closeup DIY DIY Dr. Seuss Sam I am costume green eggs and ham

Cut and sew eggs. Freehand a circle/oval shape for the green yolks and egg whites. (Hey, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s eggs after all.) Place the green yolk on top of the egg white and pin together. (I actually put some batting between batting between the green yolk and egg white to give it a raised affect as I was pinning the two together.) Sew a hem all the way around. Eggs are done! Easy Peasy!

DIY Dr. Seuss Sam I am green eggs and ham ham steps collage

Cut and sew ham.

  1. Fold over a piece of green felt and freehand your ham onto the felt.
  2. Cut out the ham shape.
  3. Pin the edges together (except for the ends) and sew from end towards the middle. Leave a big enough opening to be able to turn inside out and to stuff in your batting.

DIY Dr. Seuss Sam I am green eggs and ham ham collage

Turn the ham inside out. Pin the circles to the open ends and sew. It’s basically done the same way you would sew the ends onto a bolster pillow. Once you have your ends sewn on, turn the ham back to right side out.

DIY Dr. Seuss Sam I am costume with green eggs and ham

Stuff with batting and sew it closed. I used a blind stitch to hand stitch the ham closed for a clean look. Positively Splendid has a great tutorial on how to do a blind stitch.

DIY Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham for Sam I am Costume closeup Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham for Sam I am Costume-DIY

I took a little white circle and hand stitched it on the outside of the ham.

Green Eggs and Ham are complete!

At this point you will cut out your foam board and attach the green eggs and ham. I set the eggs and ham on my foam board and free handed a circle around them. I then cut out the board and hot glued the green eggs and ham straight onto the board. I didn’t want Garrett to have to carry the board so I made a velcro strap that I attached to the underside of the board.

Sam I am wrist strap collage

Velcro wrist strap collage

I took some white felt and pinned hook velcro on one end of the felt. I then flipped the felt over and on the opposite end I pinned looped velcro on. I used my sewing machine to sew on the velcro. Finally, I hot glued the strap to the underside of the Green Eggs and Ham board. And there you have it, the whole thing is complete!

DIY Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Costume Collage

DIY Dr. Seuss Sam I am costume

“All Things Dr. Seuss” is so much fun! I love to be a bit silly! If you wonder what else I might say, stay tuned in to see what’s next in the series!

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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”-Dr. Seuss

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    Did you make the hat? It’s such a cute costume, I’d like to make it for my son’s storybook character parade. Thanks for such a great tutorial:)

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