How to easily transform wax covered candle holders.

How To Transform Wax Covered Candle Holders

My parents bought a “new” house last year and have been making it a home ever since. I absolutely love everything about their new place. One of the best parts, I’ve been able to help my mom with lot’s of the decorating. Which in turn, ultimately, means spending a ton of time together. Who doesn’t love that?! Through this journey together we are always keeping our eyes out for the perfect decor pieces that would look great for her home, be it old or new.

How to easily transform wax covered $2 yard sale candle holders into the perfect addition for your house.

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Easy DIY Coastal Inspired Bench Makeover

Coastal Inspired Bench Makeover When Your Home Is Totally Landlocked

My mom loves all things coastal but she lives no where near the beach. Her home is completely landlocked. Dilemma…How do you add that coastal beach feel without going overboard? I’m always leery when adding decor that doesn’t quite fit the region where I live. I think it can be done as long as you use an editing eye. Since we were needing to feel a blank spot in her family room, I decided this bench would be the perfect way to add a little of that beach vibe.

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My Enamelware Obsession

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my craft room lately making costumes, working on party decorations, and generally working on my blog posts. This all equates to a huge mess in the craft room and the mess has even spilled over into the guest bedroom! Yes, I let the craft room get out of control when I have project tunnel vision which is often!! I knew I seriously needed to get it cleaned up for my own sanity! So, in the process of cleaning up the mess and placing items back where they belonged, I thought wow I use a lot of vintage enamelware for storage in my craft room….hmm. Can you see the light bulb going off above my head? I got to thinking I could write a post on ways to use those vintage finds as craft room storage. As the idea is percolating in my head and I’m still cleaning the craft room and tidying up around the house, I realized…whoa! I have an enamelware obsession! The stuff is in almost every room of my house! So the idea of a blog post on how to use enamelware as craft room storage has now grown into how enamelware can be upcycled and used everywhere in your house! Continue reading

Natty Patty’s Bedroom Makeover

At this time I don’t have any current projects so I figured this would be a good time to build up the archives. So I’m gonna do some post of older projects!

My sister-in-law and myself did a room makeover for my niece Natalie. The makeover was a surprise for her birthday and she loved it! As you know I like to do everything on a budget. The basis of the whole project started with the comforter which my sister-in-law found at a yard sale. Continue reading