Quick and Easy Sweet Potato Casserole perfect for the holidays.

New Recipe Tradition Sweet Potato Casserole

Y’all let me tell you about this Easy Sweet Potato Casserole I had over Thanksgiving. My uncle Steve hit the mark when it comes to the sweet potatoes. I couldn’t get enough. It’s quickly become a new family tradition and it’s that perfect sweet bite after that savory bite on your holiday plate.

This quick and easy Sweet Potato Casserole is the perfect addition to your holidays.

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Mom's One Pan Breakfast Skillet is the perfect addition to your breakfast or brunch.

Momma’s Satisfying One Pan Breakfast Skillet

Y’all, my momma makes the best One Pan Breakfast Skillet ever! It’s the kind of meal that will have you eating straight out of the skillet. This dish is an all-in-one breakfast meal that covers all the basic food groups. A breakfast hash that is good for you, too? Yep! The only thing missing is the dairy, but I have a solution for that; throw in some cheese. You could, also, just drink a glass of milk with your hash but cheese is so much…cheesier. Ha! Enough said, right?

Create an easy One Pan Breakfast Skillet for your next breakfast or brunch. It's the perfect savory dish and it's super easy with minimal cleanup.

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