A Teacher’s Lounge Decorated with Love!

Well, it’s Valentines Day once again! I thought what better way to share the love than with a Teacher’s Lounge decked out for this special holiday and how our PTO made it happen.

As I described in a previous post I would be doing a series of post dedicated to the teacher’s lounge and how it was transformed for different themes. Since this is the first post in the series I’m gonna provide a little background info. The goal of this “through the year project” was to make it easily changeable and as inexpensive as possible. By keeping the basis the same with the wall decor the goal was accomplished.

PTO Teachers Lounge Valentine Wall Decor 

What better four letter word to describe Valentines Day than LOVE! Once again the Cricut is my friend! I used my Cricut to cut out the letters and the hearts and layered them over coordinating scrapbook paper and framed them up. I used those command picture hanging velcro type tabs and hooks to hang everything so the wall would not be damaged and I could easily remove them and change them out as need be. Thank you command products! I created a cute wreath by using a grapevine wreath as the base. Then, I made a swag with feathers, ribbons, hearts, and flowers. The feathers and pics are simply just stuck in the wreath. The ribbon, hearts, and flower are a masterpiece of the hot glue gun. I painted a wooden W and added polka dots with the end of a paintbrush to represent the name of the school. These are all wired in with floral wire and are removable so the wreath can be used time and time again. I added a cute little feather heart and the look is complete! Easy Peasy!

PTO Teachers Lounge Valentine wreath This is just a little closer look at the wreath.

Valentine teachers lounge PTO shadow box  Valentine feather boa teachers lounge PTO

Here is a close up of a shadow box and feather cones. I used a heart themed piece of scrapbook paper with cupids bow and arrow cut from my Cricut as the background. Then, I added a bunch of little plastic hearts as a filler. Finally, I topped it off by placing a ribbon around the box and tying a bow at the top.  To make the feather cones, I took inexpensive feather boas and hot glued them around styrofoam cones. Once again, Easy Peasy!

Valentine Flower arrangement Teachers Lounge PTO  PTO Teachers Lounge Valentine feather wreath

I tried to come up with something that was a little different than just a regular old flower arrangement. I actually reused pics, feathers, and stems from the Christmas Decorations. No cost there! I did add some red and pink pics with hearts and found the wooden XOXO at the Dollar Tree. If you ever just mill around Hobby Lobby you probably have seen the section where you can make your own head bands, jewelry, etc… This area is where I find all the little flower embellishments I add to everything. I just used a straight pin and pinned the red flower to a feathered wreath. Now that is Easy Peasy!

PTO Teachers Lounge Valentine subway art I took a styrofoam wreath and wrapped it with yarn then used straight pins to attach flower embellishments. I found free printables searching Pinterest at the following blogs…

proclamation pictures     nest of posies     eighteen25                                                          You can click on the caption below the pictures to go directly to the free printable.



Love Printable                         Chalkboard Printable            Subway Art Printable

So, now the Teacher’s Lounge is totally decorated, what can we do to involve the students and make a little money for the school? Hmm…, I know! Ding Ding Ding Candy Grams! Our school has a huge candy bar fundraiser in the fall and inevitably we always have a sizable amount of the candy bars left over. Why not sell the left over candy bars as a candy gram that the parents can send to their child, or students can send to teachers, or students can send to other students? The possibilities are endless! Since we were going to take on this fundraiser I made a candy gram form to send home with each student. I also asked the principle if we could add the candy gram to the school website. The website was listed on the form in case someone wanted to order more candy grams than the original form provided.

Valentine Candy Gram

Valentine Candy Gram

Now that the form has been filled out and the moneys been collected, you may be wondering how we used the form in conjunction with the candy bars. Here’s the Easy Peasy part…I took a stack of the completed forms and cut off the bottom half with a big paper cutter in the school work room. Then I cut the bottom half of the form in half. Finally, we assembled a big group of PTO moms to take each cut sheet and wrap a candy bar with the form, there in creating a candy gram! Can you just imagine the hen pecking going on around that table! We all had a great day and raised a good amount of money for our school with minimal effort.

Well, that concludes the first part of the series “Through The Year…A Tale Of The Teacher’s Lounge”, but I can’t quite end the post just yet… I gotta share a few Valentines Boxes to boot!

Valentine box deer stand front view Valentine box deer stand

Garrett’s Deer Stand Valentine Box in support of land to table!

Valentine box army tank

Braden’s Army Tank Valentine Box in support of our Military!

Spongebox Square Pants Valentine box Valentine Cookie pops

Garrett’s Spongebob Square Pants Valentine Box (in honor of the new Spongebob movie) and cookie pop favors! Thank you mom for your help with the cookie pops!

I hope you all have enjoyed this Valentines post and find all things in your life Easy Peasy on Valentines Day!

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